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Part I.

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Note: Slight difference between daily and total distance, average speed etc. is due switched off computer for example when I push the bike, cycle only a few meters etc...

Day 1.
Date 10.7.2004
Distance [km] 104,2
Time 5:12:24
Average speed [km/hour] 19,7
Maximum speed [km/hour] 53,5
Total [km] 104,2

My first idea to cycle all the way from my home in Nova Paka to Italian Dolomite mountains showed up already in 1996. I bought bike´s panniers and all necessary equipment. Like a test ride with panniers I cycled to and back the same summer. But it took me another seven years to realize the journey to Dolomite as during these years I had been travelling each summer into the USA. So finally on 10 th July 2004 I start to pedal. My first stop is already after 16 km in Jičín. Here I want to say goodbye and have a beer with close friends Jirka and Dáňa. After this short break I continue all the way to Prague against very strong headwind. This first day I have a big crisis and I think over and over if I really should hit the road.... Finally I am leaving my bike at my friend's sweet house "Cukrárna u Jezerky" and stay for a night at Marketa´s apartment.

Day 2.
Date 11.7.2004
Distance [km] 99,91
Time 05:32:45
Average speed [km/hour] 18
Maximum speed [km/hour] 51
Total [km] 207

I am leaving Prague through Kunratice and Jesenice further south. After crossing Sazava River is first steep uphill. I am very slow, sky is cloudy and my bad mood continues. At the evening I catch sight of Temelin - the nuclear power station and decide to built a tent near Milevsko.

Day 3.
Date 12.7.2004
Distance [km] 98,18
Time 05:26:39
Average speed [km/hour] 18,1
Maximum speed [km/hour] 55,5
Total [km] 307,6

Third day is still the same weather so I am doing showers breaks. To reach Temelin I still had to pedal around 30 kilometres but terrains is getting smoother and cycling is getting easier. Near Arnoštov I am entering military zone. Nature is beautiful here. First short but very steep uphill makes me to walk the bike. As reward I have nice long downhill almost all the way to Nova Pec. I built my tent in official camp-site at Nova Pec. The camp is not very good, there is not even hot water. Campers are mostly people who run down Vltava River.

Day 4.
Date 13.7.2004
Distance [km] 111,58
Time 06:18:33
Average speed [km/hour] 17,6
Maximum speed [km/hour] 53
Total [km] 421,2

Strong rain wakes me up. I decide to break down my tent and as fast as possible to enter into Austria or I would never leave. I am crossing the border at Zadní Zvonková. My arrival to check point was something interesting for Austrian customer officer. Rain is so heavy so I am not taking a picture of my first border crossing on bicycle. Rains finally stop around noon and I can dry out. Near Obermühl I reach well-known Danube cycling path. After 12 first kilometres on this path I have to cross the Danube river. Bridge that was on my map disappeared. Ferry cost €2.2.

Cycling paths usually lead along rivers but thanks to detour I have to do first several kilometres long uphill to St. Agatha village. I do not know elevation gain but I can feel that is my first uphill test. A hour after I built my tent on forest's edge I have visitors. Young couple have seen me cycling through their village and as it was just about sunset they decided to find me and offer a night's lodging. They also like to cycle so they know how is it in rainy weather. As I already have the tent set up and dinner cooked I just thanks. They are leaving with invitation for a breakfast, it is only one kilometre away... I sleep near Tollet.

Day 5.
Date 14.7.2004
Distance [km] 121,35
Time 06:49:04
Average speed [km/hour] 17,8
Maximum speed [km/hour] 53,5
Total [km] 546,2

My bicycle has first defect near Lambach next day. Front reflection glass on my left pedal get off. I repaired clips with strip of cloth. When I planned the tour I contacted www.rakousko.cz and they sent me basic maps of long distance cycling path free of charge. I try to follow them now. Problem is that paths have numbers on maps but on road´s sign have names. Rare exception was Danube path #1 and path along Inn River #3. I follow #4 now but before Schwanenstadt I get lost. At a little village I am turning back and meet two Canadians who cycle in reverse direction. They are also lost. I find right marked path in next town.

I am cycling along shore of Attersee Lake in late afternoon. I have to do another detour around Mondsee Lake. All bad could be good for something else. When I cook my dinner on the bench near the lake a woman comes to me.

Day 6.
Date 15.7.2004
Distance [km] 51,42
Time 03:40:09
Average speed [km/hour] 14,0
Maximum speed [km/hour] 44,5
Total [km] 599,5

Rain stops around noon and although dark cloudy sky I am on the road again. Otherwise I will never reach Dolomites. I am cycling through a little tourist town of St. Gilgen and with occasional showers climb into my first pass (1 400m). The pass is on "Salzburger radmarathon". Drivers has to pay toll fee but cyclist can go for free. I can first time hear typical cows bells here. As I am lazy to build a tent I stay in abandoned hayloft for a night.

Day 7.
Date 16.7.2004
Distance [km] 108,02
Time 05:57:13
Average speed [km/hour] 18,1
Maximum speed [km/hour] 49,5
Total [km] 708,9

Seventh day on the road - I have finally whole day sunny weather without any shower. Morning is still cloudy but without rain and sky is getting clear. I follow "Amadé radmarathon". First short uphill changes into long downhill all the way to Bischofshofen. Next section leads along Salzach River and I follow Tauernradweg. I noticed a bump on my front wheel. I manage to reach a town of Fusch without any problem. They sell tires at gas station but unfortunately only for road bicycles and I have Trekking Fox. I decided to sleep under the sky and to watch a beautiful sunset. I decide to visit town of Bruck in the morning to buy a new tire.

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