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Treaty from Waitangi

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Treaty from Waitangi was signed on 6th February 1840. 46 Maori chiefs and representatives of British Queen with an audience of more than 400 Maori. Over the next seven months the treaty was carried through New Zealand by missionaries, traders and officials, eventually being signed by over 500 chiefs.

Maori were persuade by British to relinquish their sovereignty to the British Crown because English were afraid of French colonization of the country. On islands were also fights between tribes themselves and between tribes and settlers, lawless situation,... The treaty should to bring order and guaranteed a peace. Maori should have the Queen's protection and the granted all citizenships rights, privileges and duties enjoyed by citizens of England. The treaty also guaranteed the Maori possession of their land, fisheries and resources. The treaty is regarded like a cradle of a "New Zealand's nation".

Increasing numbers of Pakeha and breaks of "Treaty of Waitangi" leads to "Land Wars" in 19th century between Maori and European settlements in which were involved forces from Australia and Great Britain.

General Bledisloe gave to the nation the house and surrounding lands where the treaty was had been signed in 1934. Annually ceremonies has been run here since 1936. Although how everywhere even here are people who have a different opinion on the treaty. Some Maori protest, other demonstrate their culture. Still exhibition shows Maori culture and history of Maori and of New Zealand.

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