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Auckland - "City of Sails" - city got this nickname because it's almost completely surrounded by sea. It lays on former Maori settlement. They call it "Tamaki Makau Rau" - "City of 100 lovers". It earned this name because it was a place desired by all. And all of them fought many battles. There are 48 volcanic cones and more than 50 islands in the area.

Today, Auckland is the world’s largest Polynesian city. Around 63% of its residents are of European descent, 11% are Maori, 13% are of Pacific Island descent and there is a growing Asian population of around 12%.

City covers twice larger area than London but has only population of Prague (1,3 million). One third of the country's entire population lives here.

Among the city attractions is Auckland Museum (Te Papa Whakahiku), which shows Maori history as well history of other pacific islands nation and tribes. Skytower - is the tallest building in Southern Hemispherene - 328m. The main structure of Sky Tower is a reinforced concrete shaft measuring 12 metres in diameter. Construction should remind essentially undamaged during storms with winds gusting to 200 km/hr (125 mph). You can see as far as 80 km away. I recommend to visit flash animation.

If you do not want to pay entrance fee you can hike up to the summit of Mt. Eden - the highest volcano in the area. It took me from the city centre cca a hour to get there.

Just a half a hour, by car, westward from the city is Waitakere Regional Park. There are around 250 kilometres hike trails. Unfortunately I have not visited this place myself yet.

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