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Great Walks

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"Great Walks" is nine the most popular tracks in New Zealand. They lead probably through the most beautiful parts of the country. Because such high popularity government started regulation of use on these track. Huts in which you can stay over night have higher standard of equipment. During high season it is neccessary to make a reservation on some tracks.

Department of conservation (DOC) runs more than 950 huts. Huts are in four categories. Fee person/night depends on a hut's category, track and a year period. An actual hut's condition and equipment can change and that is why everybody should stop for information at information centre where is also paid hut fee. In some huts are living wardens who take care about huts. He cal also collect the fee. Number of allowed nights in one hut could be limited. Categories:

  1. Great Walk Hut - best equipment - mattress, drinking water, stove, toilet and kitchen. I have seen huts with best equipment on Tongariro Northern Circuit, where were even gas cookers, toasters.. Fee NZ$(10-45).
  2. Service Hut - mattress, drinking water, toilet, fee NZ$(10-35)
  3. Standard Hut - mattress, water, toilet, fee NZ$5
  4. Basic Hut - only like a shelter, small and for free.

DOC takes also care about more than 250 campsites accessible by vehicle. Equipment vary from just place for a tent with toilet and water from a stream to ones with cooking shelters and warden in charge. Fees vary NZ$ (0-15), according to season, location. equipment,...More on info.

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