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The Abel Tasman Coastal Track

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Abel Tasman Coastal Track ranges between Marahau and Wainui Bay in Abel Tasman National Park. The track is open year around. This 51 kilometers long path is very easy. Someone can have a little problems only in two spots which can be cross only in low tide. Whole track takes usually 3-5 days. Many people do not hike whole track but take water taxi to some nice beach and hike only a part of the track and somewhere else they are picked up again.

The track is on of a Great Walks and is provided with several huts and campsites. Campsites costs NZ$10 person/night. Some campsites has a very limited capacity but these are usually the most beautiful such as for example a camp at Anapai Bay. The section between Totaranui and Whariwharangi is probably the most wonderful. Thanks it's isolation is also the less visited by tourist. I have already been to there after high season so I have not met so many hikers. During summer on many white beaches are hundreds sunbathers and swimmers. I swam on 12th April 2005 on sunny day but water was not warm anymore. "Lighthouse" at Separation Point is not worthy to visit.

Drinking water is only at Bark Bay and Totaranui. In other campsites water has to be treated before drinking. This national park is also famous for sea kayaks but because a rocky coast kayaks is not recommended to use north of Onetahuti Beach.

Abel Tasman Coastal Track is possible to combinate with Inland Track. Both together forms a loop.

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