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The Abel Tasman

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The Abel Tasman National Park with 23 000 hectares is the smallest national park of New Zealand. The park was established in 1942 when it was 300 years anniversary of the discovery of New Zealand. Maori have been living here at least for five hundreds years. Most of settlements had only a temporary character. A permament settlement was near Awaroa Tato area which is one of the most sunny places in the country. During whole winter it is here a mild clime. First European who arrived here was a crew under a commander Abel Tasman on 18th December 1642. He lost four his men in a conflict with local people and that made him to leave.

When timber was extract in 1855 a permanent settlement was established. Timber was used build ships.

Park ia famous for it's beautiful beaches, turquoise water, an unchanged river's deltas and rock's pinnacles. The original vegetation was very changed. Nowadays area of native plants is growing.

There are two main track in the park. The most popular Abel Tasman Coastal Track is one of nine Great Walks. In combination with the Inland Track, which leads over the mountains in inland, make a loop. Along the Inland Track are three huts. Either Awapoto Hut or Castle Rock Hut is in a very good shape. Moa Hut, which is situated between them, is in a very bad shape and if you do not need you do not want to stay there over night.

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