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Lake Waikaremoana Track

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Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk is situated in Te Urewera national park. Whole track is long 46 kilometers and usually takes three to four days. The track run along the lake with the same name. If you hike clockwise you will do almost all an ascent in a few first hours. During this uphill hiker get 600 altitude meters and climbed from the lake level to the top of a Panekiri range.

Whole track is open yearn around but in winter season colder and rainy weather makes hiking more difficult. In this season you probably also would not swim in the lake and would not have much opportunity to rest on the sandy beaches.

On the other hand you will have pretty much privacy and would not meet hundreds of hikers like in high season. Along the whole track are fife huts and some campsites. Between the Maraunui campsite and the Marauiti Hut is circa a half hour long detour to the Korokoro Falls. The path to this fall in the middle of the forest is itself worth to visit.

At the beginning of May 2005, when I was roaming here for four days, the nights were freezing. And not just on the top of the Panekiri range but also by the lake. Huts are provided with a stove but unfortunately not always where in a good shape.

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