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Tongariro Northern Circuit Track

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Tongariro Northern Circuit is Tongariro national park. This a Great walk leads over the summit of an acitve volcano Mt. Tongariro (1 976m) and pass an active volcano Mt. Ngauruhoe 2 287m which summit is possible to climb. Another part spread over large glacier valley. I thought New Zealand had everything except a desert but that was a mistake. Kind of a desert is situated in eastern part of the park, the road going through this area is even called the Desert Road.

Along the track are three huts and nearby these huts are official campsites. These huts were the best equipmented what I have seen. Either for the hut or campsite you have to pay fee. But whole track it possible to do for free if you camp at least 500 meters from the track and your tent is not visible from the track. I got this useful information from "Kiwi" hikers. Thanks a lot guys. First of all I wanted to hike only along "Tongariro Crosing" which is one day hike. Thanks to these guys I did a whole Tongariro Northern Circle. In addition they gave me some commisary because I did not have enough for longer trek and a bondage to fix a painful knee.

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