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Blue Bridge

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I am sailing on a ferry of Bluebridge company on 12th March 2005. It takes three hours from Wellington, north island, to a little port of Picton, south island. Interislander company also runs transportation through Cook Strait. It's prices depend on time, how long in advance you buy a ticket, and also on how many free space remain. I have friends in Wellington and so I could wait for a nice weather to sail in. I wanted to have a great voyage. Blue Bridge have a fix prices so I chose this company. Sailing was great. Just when we left Chaffer's Passage we could watch dolphins.

Although you sail between northern and souther island, port of Picton on southern island lays north of Wellington on northern island. In reality you sail more east-west direction then north-south. You can watch movie o buy snack on the board.

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