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Khmu Village

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People of tribe Khmu are as well know like Khamu or Kammu and they life in northern Laos. It was estimated that only a half of a million lived in the whole World in 1995. Of that 450 000 in Laos, 43 000 in northern Vietnam, 10 000 in northern Thailand, 10 000 in China and other 8 000 in the USA. They are largest ethnic minority in Laos. Most of them live in northern part of the country like in northern Thailand along common border.

The Khmu are settled agriculturists and practice swidden farming. Agriculture is the main source of food, supplemented by gathering, hunting, trapping and fishing. Some Khmu keep domestic animals, but these are used for sacrifices more often than for food. Rice is the staple and there are many varieties, all of them glutinous. Other crops include corn, bananas, sugar cane and a wide variety of vegetable.

Old villages are mostly situated in the middle of slopes surrounded by thick growth. Their economical income is usually limited to trade of agricultural production on markets in nearby villages. Some villages produce baskets, wooden bowls, knives, silver bracelets, silver tobacco pipes, and woven cloths to sell. Other villagers sell crops such as peppers, ginger, tobacco, tea, sugar-cane and many different kinds of sweet potatoes, taro and vegetables.

Khum speak own language Khmu which has several dialects. Most of them can also speak Lao, which they learn in Buddhist temples.

To this village on pictures I have a several experiences.

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