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Vang Vieng

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A little town with 25 000 habitants is situated on bank of Nam Song river, circa 160 kilometers north of Vientiane. Town lives in a special atmosphere. It is under strong influence of “farangs” (white people) visitors. The centre consists of two main streets with many restaurants and guesthouses. Almost all restaurants has the same menu so you choose one according a movie which you can during dinner watch.. Each pub shows some American movie. I read that you can have a happy herb pizza or shake. The same way like in Cambodia. But I heard that here in Vang Vieng it is not so good.

The magnificent karst limestone mountains lining Nam Song River. The imposing structures rise up out of the land and run for kilometers, abutting pancake flat rice fields and the river. Limestone cliffs are full of caves. Some of them play spiritual role for local Hmong and Yao people. Some of them are so large that they have not been explored yet. For action and adventure, there are caves to explore, trekking, kayaking and rafting trips and for the ultra-adventurous, there's rock climbing.

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