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Dartmoor - inspires by its unsettled foggy, rainy weather sir Conan Doyle to write Haunt of Baskerville. It is situated in southwestern England. The gate to park is often Exceter - town with cathedral from 16. century and ruins of "Roman" mural walls.

You can also get tourist information about park here. In "Timetables" you can also find description of a few hiking paths with maps. Actual information you can get in free magazine Dartmoor Visitor,
When a car with Prague's licence plate stopped at this "cottage" from 15th century I thought they have second home really everywhere.

I stopped at one for chat, bought a postcard, visited a small local museum and wood-carving room. And after a short heavy storm I left. About 20 minutes later a car stopped at me and offered me a lift. Woman stopped at the same cottage like me for coffee and they told her about me. I had lucky because in moment it started rain again.

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