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Westland - Hot srpings

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Only 26 kilometers south of Fox Glacier starts a track leading through Copland Valley. Area is part of Westland national park. The track is easy without any steep climbs but a occasional landslides can make a difficult obstacle. After six seven hours hike the track is a little bit more demanding but soon you can take rest in "Welcome Flat Hut". Warden stays in the hut during the season. As many as 31 people can stay over night. Price is NZ$15 person/night. A tent near hut is for NY$5. You can built your tent up in the valley for free.

The hut was build here thanks to hot springs. They are just circa 20 meters away. Hot springs have several natural baths but except one they are rather shallow. Please do not dig more pools and remember to keep your head above the water to avoid the risk of catching amoebic meningitis. Although the place is very popular I managed twice to be in hot springs alone. I read that these hot springs are one of the best natural hot springs in south island. View of surrounding mountain peaks of Sierra Range cover with snow is magical.

It was so hot during a day so I went farther into the valley. Track was nice but dense growth around Douglas Rock Hut prevented from view. The track continues over the mountain range into the Mt. Cook national park. Thanks to many glaciers and landslide danger is track not recommend for not appropriate equipped and without former experiences.

Pictures from the track / Westland

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