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Te Paki

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Cape Reinga (Te Rerenga Wairua) is the most sacred place for Maori. It is here where souls of dead leave to into the underground world of dead. They use roots of 800 years old pohutukawa tree which is at the end of a narrow peninsula. Souls then follow their ancestors into ancient world - Hawaiki. It is not exactly the north most spot of New Zealand. such point is just 30 kilometers northeast from here. It is called "Surville Cliff".

At Cape Reinga was built last lighthouse in May 1941. The north most lighthouse was originally built on a little island of Motuopao in 1879. But for difficult access was built new one on main land. It is light is visible from 35 kilometers long distance.

Just bellow the lighthouse meets Pacific Ocean with Tasman Sea. Hook heading into waters evokes really mystic mood and you can feel like at the World's end.

Te Paki Recreation Reserve besides Cape Reinga covers also "Ninety Mile Beach" which is long 116 kilometers. Northern end is made of sand dunes.

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