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Aramark 00

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After two weeks I start with second job. I was checking oil in buses. This second job had flexible beggings so I just keep to work after I finished buswashing. I worked four hours per day, usual between 11 pm to 6 am. I worked alone so I was my owen chief.

Thanks to this second job I saw several aurora borealis alias "Nothern lights".

The weather in summer 2000 was pretty cold and rainy. Even in August was snowing and in middle of September were puddles wrozen. Thanks to Vernon who lent me a winter jacket so I did not froze.... :).

In few days when I did not work I went to the surrounding mountains and to the Denali.

So what are you doing now my friends.....Tom, Bill, Grag, Dan, Edy, Vernon, Frances, Tim, Kevin,..., are you coming back...?

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