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Journey 98

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Because I took participation at this programme second time, I didn't need pass again an interview and I paid just $150. Who wanted fly from Prague with Czech Airlines, paid $250. I flew from Frankfurt with Singapore Airlines. I went to Frankfurt by hitchhiking. Two nights I spend with a friend of mine in Heidelberg.

Rest of the way was almost the same like first one, just this time the flight was direct to New Yorks airport JFK a Boeing 747-400 was better. Everybody had in front of himself his own display on which he could watch flight, film or played PC game.

Some flights information:

And back

To JFK Airport you can go by metro ,link A.A free shuttle is going each 15 minutes from Howard Beach JFK Airport station. At metro are two different kind of train - express that stop at just a few stations and local that stop at each station. It takes by express train around 1 hour from the city. The ticket costs $1.5

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