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Journey 99

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I wanted during this journey to save money obteined in Camp Winnebago and to use them for program Work & Travel USA next year. But if I am in the States I want to see something. That's why I decided to take my bicycle Trekking Fox - Hot Shot and to undertake first cycling in foreigen country. Thanks to British Airways I managed to take my bike to US for FREE. They took it like a second laguagge dismantled and in paper box.

I have to thanks again to my friends Robert & Rosemary Steinbaum from New Jersey, who pick uped me on the airport JFK in NYC. I could spend a fwe days in their house and wait for my bicycle which arrived one day later. I left here also all the stuff that i did not need for my trip to the camp. They took that with them later when arrived to the camp with tehir kids.

Journey long 805 kilometres took me a week. I had arranged my job with director of the camp so I could start two weeks sooner and earn extra money. I stayed also one week for post camp.

This time I worked also like a driver in the camp. I drove a miniwan to NYC with Alex (Russian living in Maine) who drove second one. We went to Manhattan for camp counselors. After the camp was over I drove Phil's miniwan full of his sruff to his place in Virginia near Washington D.C.. First night I spent at my friend house near Boston, second at Steinbaums in New Jersey. Back to hte camp I took a bus.

After this trip I finally left for cycling around New England. The longest bike trip - 1942 kilometrs last for 30 days. I visited Moosehead Lake Region,Baxter Park with the highest mountain in Maine. Through New Hampshire to Vermont where I touched canadian border. I climbed the highest mountain Mt. Mansfield (1 463m). in Vermont and Mt. Marcy ( 1 780m) New York state. After a break in Frot Filliam Henry I drove along Hudson River, stopped in West Point and arrived back to New Jersey.

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