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Californian trip 01 - part VI

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Notice.: Time - includes a short stops for traffic lights, a map´s study ..)

Day 21.
Date 12.10.2001
Distance [miles] 62,9
Time 5:10:27
Average speed [miles/hour] 12,1
Total Distance [miles] 1022,1

Ranger is comming when I cook my breakfast. I can see that local people have told him about one "lost" biker. She is in good mood and allows me to finish it. Not just that Pacific Coast Bike Road is not always the shortest way along the coast. I have to do a little detour. Around noon I am at neat Capitola. I have to say that I like this suburb more than Santa Cruz itself. In Santa Cruz I spent some time watching tens of surfers waiting for "the wave". Almost every of many access to the ocean shore is use by surfers between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. It is pity that water in this area is already too cold. Camping on the beach is prohibit and rangers take care that you would not stay there. I can not found any camp and I am not willing to pay expensive hostel so I am sleeping just in a sleeping bag without a tent by one unpaved road.

Day 22.
Date 13.10.2001
Distance [miles] 49,77
Time 4:04:14
Average speed [miles/hour] 12,2
Total Distance [miles] 1071,9

Last breakfast I am cooking at overlook over rocky coast. I am here among several photographs who are taking pictures of splashing water over rocks. In a half hour I am leaving coastal road #1. I am just about 50km south of San Francisco. But my final destination is in Palo Alto. So I am leaving coast and heading east I am passing 600m hight ranger. That elevation change I see during long steep downhill with wonderful view over Silicon Valley. I am in Palo Alto at noon. Because my friend are not at home I am visiting library across road. I am lucky. Library has selling day and I am buying several books per 25 cents :) Of course I have to sand e-mail to home that I finish my Californian trip.


Journey "CA" By a car By a bike Total
Distance [miles] 380 1071,9 1 451,9

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